Sunday, March 4, 2018

Why has it all gone quiet at The Westerman Yarns?

Well, it has been quite a while since this blog has been updated.  To use the words of Daniel Handler, we have had 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'.  However, I am now back at the desk and ready to receive correspondence, borders and anything else you want to throw at me.

I have decided not to have any more Westerman Seminar events for the foreseeable future; that's not to say 'never', but I need a bit of a rest for research without deadlines and, in addition, I believe that the seminar was beginning to lose some its sparkle.  I hope to stage some Ripping Yarns, one-off literature events later, so keep watching this site.  If you are already on the Westerman Yarns mailing list you will hear from me directly when anything interesting or exciting is planned.

The Westerman Yarns Newsletter will rise again, but as an occasional publication in a new format, covering much more than single author focus and with a much wider, expanded area of interest.  If you have a particular interest in historical children's literature and want to see your name in lights- or at least, in print, please send me anything for consideration.  In return you will get a complimentary copy of the publication and an option to buy further copies at cost.

What am I doing at the moment I hear you ask?  Well apart from working on a commemoration project to mark the 200th anniversary of the death of John Keats, I have temporarily moved my allegiances to work on Dr William Gordon-Stables and Sarah Doudney, 
There will, this year, be an updated and amended version of the Percy F. Westerman biography - another work in progress,  along with publication of some of Percy F. Westerman's sailing logs with photographs taken by PFW.  If you have any information that you feel could be of value, please contact me.

I am giving a couple of talks this year.  The first is at The Elms in Bedhampton on Tuesday 17 April at 7pm and entitled One of the Boys and Something for the Girls. This will be an  illustrated potted history of The Boy's Own Paper and The Girl's Own Paper.  Tickets for this evening are £3.50 each available from 023 9237 5594.

The second is an updated version of the Percy F. Westerman story for the Portsdown U3A at The Link in Havant Road, Portsmouth.on Wednesday 18 July at 2pm.  Please contact Portsdown U3A for information.

Good book hunting everyone.