Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank you to the Henty Society

The Henty Society made my wife and I very welcome at Worcester University on Saturday 28 June at their summer gathering. After my presentation about the background and research into Percy and John Westerman we chatted over tea and cake – they really know how to treat visitors.

Topics of conversation included illustrators/artists who contributed work for both Percy Westerman and George Henty, book collecting and how my enthusiasm got the better of me in trying to find a hard, common link between Henty and Westerman through their love of sailing and boat ownership. Ann King (Secretary) who is a fountain of Henty knowledge, tactfully put me straight.

My darling wife who has been such a fantastic support and help in the research, and who is my prompt when I have those senior moments, held court with other members of the Henty Society discussing all things Henty and Westerman. It was such a memorable afternoon and so nice being with other special interest book collectors and enthusiasts.

My thanks also to Dr Rachel Johnson MA MCLIP, Research Librarian for Worcester University and her husband for recommending me, and for hosting my wife and I during our visit.