Monday, April 18, 2011

Who is Pennington Cross?

At the recent Westerman Seminar I explained how my research led me to discover that Percy F Westerman has written under the pseudonym Pennington Cross for stories published in The Scout. The name Pennington Cross is the name of the place near Lymington in Hampshire that became his home after leaving Portsmouth and where he lived between 1911 and 1918.

The information below has been released earlier than I wanted, because, although I did ask at the Westerman Seminar to withhold the information until I had verified the details as much as possible, the word has got out.

My wife and I discovered the link last year, but still needed more proof.
Thanks largely to Gregg Worwood who has trawled through many of the books, it does appear that the research has been proved correct. I have much more information on the Pennington Cross home and what PFW did whilst he was there, but I am saving that for a publication that will be available later this year.

There were 49 volumes of The Scout Annual published between 1908 and 1954.
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