Saturday, July 11, 2015

Westerman Yarns Newsletters

Membership of The Friends of The Westerman Yarns is still free of charge and all subscribers receive free complimentary reduced resolution pdf copies of The Westerman Yarns Newsletter.  The newsletters are now available as high resolution, full-colour, satin finish magazines.

May 2013, Issue 1:               £3.50 plus UK postage £1.50
November 2013, Issue 2:    £3.50 plus UK postage £1.50
May 2014, Issue 3                £3.50 plus UK postage £1.50
November 2014, Issue 4:    £3.50 plus UK postage £1.50
May 2015, Issue 5:               £3.50 plus UK postage £1.50

All five issues                       £17.50 plus UK postage £2.50

I am happy to obtain quotes to post overseas.  Please email me at

The next issue of The Westerman Yarns Newsletter will be available November 2015.